Did you know: WeCompress

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You visit a website, click to download a file and end up waiting endlessly because the online document unnecessarily packs a huge amount of bytes. Or, you want to email a document and get stuck because your attachment exceeds 10 MB.

The solution is: Compressing the documents and files using an awesome free online tool I discovered lately: WeCompress.

I also use a similar application – SmallPDF, see respective blog item on this page -, but it’s good to have an alternative great option.

WeCompress compresses all sorts of documents: PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, MS office docs or image files (PNG and JPEG). Using WeCompress is a breeze – all you have to do is check the WeCompress website, click the Add File button and it will instantly optimize the file. After a few seconds of compression, you will be shown a Download button so that you can download the compressed file. Along with this download link, it also shows how much the file has been compressed. Voilà!