Why everybody should freelance – at least a bit

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Freelancing is an invaluable professional exercise. Ever since starting my own business – danibu – in 2015, people have frequently asked me about the difference between (corporate) and self- employment.

Here’s 3 reasons why I think the latter is something everyone should try at some point – even if it’s just for a little while. Even if you work in-house, there is always the chance to adopt an entrepreneur attitude:

1. Mindset:
Freelance, and your mindset will become totally different. You’re full-on with whatever is in front of you. There is nothing realer than that to be at the same time the owner, director and financial manager. You need to have self-discipline to pull through (the kind of discipline that was imposed on you at the workplace), and your client-is-king attitude sets your boundaries.

2. Efficiency and effectiveness:
You turn into an efficient time manager. You have to! You take control of how your hours are spent (and billed), and you’re heavily incentivized to optimize. Getting more done for your client, and to a higher standard. I think it’s easier to slip into mediocrity and reactivity when you’re employed and there is no immediate consequence to your steady paycheck.

3. Trusted advisor:
What my clients really appreciate is the ‘outside-in’ perspective from external agencies like danibu: Asking the why, disrupting and challenging the status quo really foster a go-getter mindset, and in what corporate environment is that not advantageous?

To conclude: I feel everybody should freelance a bit, even if they are still on the payroll. Being an intrapreneur, so to speak. It’s vastly rewarding for all parties and incredibly liberating for those who try.