Business Flirting

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Gender-specific communication skills are a business case, and at the danibu Communication and Presentation training we always address male-female communication habits. Check this fun clip to get a flavor.

Companies are increasingly appreciating gender differences, driving awareness around the subject and investing in specific communication training. One example I heard about recently is Business Flirting. It has nothing to do with sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s about teaching the art and science of connecting better in business and life. Also called the art of Flirtology, it’s about consciously using your own charme and body language to establish communication, better business relations and eventually a much better chance in achieving your goals. Here the 6 key take-aways:

  1. Staying comfortable, whilst stepping out of your comfort zone
  2. Learning to drive colleague interaction effectively and authentically
  3. Enjoying to talk to strangers
  4. Discovering new ways of exchanging compliments and courtesies
  5. Networking with fun
  6. Gracefully exiting unproductive conversations