Did you know: Visual recording


Also called graphic recording, this is the real-time translation of conversations into text and pictures – and a really powerful tool. Maybe for your next team meeting? It allows you to create a visual memory of what’s said. How it works? You hire a so-called ‘Graphic recorder’ and he/she will capture – with a marker on a whiteboard – what was said or visualize complex problems. The end result is a visual map of key insights that can be reflected on and shared after the event.

I’ve seen graphic recordings in a number of client meetings by now and can say they do increase engagement, stir people into creative thinking and improve collaboration. I can’t disclose my clients’ graphic recordings in this post, unfortunately, but I can share two generic graphic recordings I have: One on ‘what is graphic recording’, and one on my biggest passion: Tango!

Shout if you’re interested to learn more about visual recording or if you need the name of a good graphic recorder in your area.

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