For a good elevator pitch, you have to take the stairs first!

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Imagine you were a TED Talk speaker: 18 minutes air time for your “ideas worth spreading” (TED slogan). But what do you do if you have only 1 minute to present your best self? That’s when you need a mental killer résumé. A 60 second (or elevator) pitch that tells others who you are, what you do, and why you do it (better than others).

The idea of an elevator pitch (hence the name) comes from the metaphoric stepping into an elevator and standing next to someone you’ve always wanted to introduce yourself to in those few moments of the elevator ride. The pitch is your 1-minute commercial, including the “wow-factor” that differentiates yourself from others. Here a fun clip to give you an idea.

The danibu Communication and Presentation training lets participants create and battletest their elevator pitch, whilst being filmed. This has proven to be a highly impactful exercise, having participants leave much more confident that their personal presentation will do its job.