Did you know: Speech map

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You have a looming speech ahead and no idea where to begin. Commencing work on a new presentation usually means lots of ideas spinning in your head and not knowing how to sort them.

The solution is a speech map. It’s a simple mind map (yes, really drawn on a physical piece of paper), on which you outline your talk. The speech map (or speech diagram) shows your ideas linked to and arranged radially around your central key topic. Drawing the map makes your ideas graphic, prioritizes your thoughts and shows connections between information. So, basically, you ‘sort your brain’.

Here is the danibu speech map template you can use for the preparation of your next public speech. Simply edit it by changing and including the topics that you are going to deliver:

1. Crystallize the subject of attention in a central theme. This is your headline
2. Define – ideally 3 – key points, radiating as branches from your headline
3. Add another level of 3 supporting points (details) from your key points