Did you know? Live illustrations

Live illustrations (or visual recording) are a great way to capture people’s quotes, conversations and feelings during meetings, presentations or workshops by creating a visual report (instead of boring ‘meeting minutes’ with only text, text and text …). All you do is hire an external illustrator (I know a good one …) who joins your meeting on-site and who co-signs live all conversations, decisions, energy and flow.

The illustrator (also called Graphic Recording Artist) will be doing their best to wow the audience, to entertain, educate and inform – all of which is better than participants staring at their smart phone. The outcome is a visualized poster of the meeting, which stimulates the creativity of all attendees during and after the meeting, as they will be looking at the drawing and receive information in different way.

Especially in times of change, a good image gives gestalt to feelings, strengthens the dialog and provides new insights.